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  • Whales Tail
    The Uvita Whales Tail, this natural phenomenon has become World Famous in it's own right.
  • Uvita Diving
    Uvita has arguably, some of the best diving in the world at your fingertips in Uvita and Ballena National Park.
  • Dolphins
    Located within the Ballena National Park, the waters off the coast of Uvita are chalk full of sea life
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Below is a list of the Top 6 favorite experiences that can't be missed, in or around Uvita:

1Caño Island: a divers paradise of the coast of Uvita. Caño Island Biological Reserve provides some of the World's Best dive waters and is second only to Cocos.

2Corcovado National Park: a truly "wild frontier" location in Costa Rica, Corcovado is said to possess 5% of the planets flora & fauna according to National Geographic.

3Pavon Waterfall: probably the most unique waterfall you'll see, Pavon truly is, natures swimming hole. Located just south of Uvita near Ojochal.

4Whale's Tail: created by the natural formation of the two side by side bays of Uvita, the Whale's Tail is nature's earthly replica of this majestic mammal.

5Terraba River Mangroves: seaside forests in water with over twice the salinity of ocean seawater. These are extremely rare and mystical places and Uvita has them.

6Ventanas Beach: located between Uvita and Ojochal, this quaint secluded beach features tunnels/caves to explore at low tide.

Uvita Diving

The Ocean

Diving in Ballena National Park is something to behold.

Uvita sits within this majestic place and offers up some of the world's best diving experiences.

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Capuchin Monkey

The Jungle

Viewing capuchin monkeys in their natural environment, is a memory to last a lifetime.

5% of the world's flora and fauna, call Costa Rica home.

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Uvita Beach

The Beach

Uvita beach could not have been more perfectly designed.

The World Famous Whale's Tail has got to be one of the top beaches of the world.

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Uvita Hotel

Cristal Ballena

The epitome of high class,Cristal Ballena offers the finest in dinning and accommodations. Perched above the Pacific Ocean...

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Cuna del Angel

Cuna del Angel

Our personal favorite, Cuna del Angel serves up some of the most unique, quality food in the area. For an experience worth remembering...

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Whales Dolphins Uvita

Whales & Dolphins

With massive oceanviews over Ballena National Park, the hotel is labeled an "eco lodge" however this is one of the finest hotels in Costa Rica...

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Costa Rica Real Estate Revisited & Revised

When it comes to buying or selling Costa Rica real estate, it can be an overwhelming experience given the abundance of not only inventory but the vast majority of expats here all find themselves working within selling/buying real estate in Costa Rica.


Which Lawyers In Costa Rica To Trust?

With such a heavy population of lawyers in Costa Rica, which to trust?

The Finest Lawyers in Costa Rica

Upon arrival in this fine country, I was immediately thrust in to the reality that if you don't have a lawyer to work with on just about any transaction, you could find yourself in a bit of a pickle.

Although the country has an overwhelming number of lawyers to choose from, finding a reputable and honest one is another story altogether. It is in my experience that throughout the Southern Zone it can be very challenging to find a Costa Rica lawyer who is upstanding and not out simply for your cash...


Envision Festival Attendees Seeking Places to Stay

With loads of inquiries in to accommodations for attendees of the upcoming Envision Festival, I felt it would be best to mention one in particular.

Being #1 in Google for Uvita comes with it's challenges so for the past few weeks here we've been answering emails and sending off referrals galore. Some fell on deaf ears but hey...we tried right?

We strive to do our best to answer all inquiries here at

Anyways, back to the point of this short article...


Home Building On Your Uvita Real Estate

There is no doubt that Uvita and the surrounding areas are experiencing an incredible growth trend. Along with growth comes increased attention.

It was only a few short years ago when you'd be hard pressed to find a grocery store in Uvita. These days, Uvita is bustling with 4 banks - three of which are national, two full service grocery stores, a newly constructed commercial centre and recreation centre, veterinary clinic, home furnishing stores and a good diverse selection of restaurants featuring international cuisines.


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Costa Rica businesses for sale

This site is for sale!

Living in Costa Rica without a steady income? Maybe you should consider the WWW. Version 1.5.4 of is a fine example of how someone can hit the ground running.

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Uvita Events

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